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Strain Development: June 4th, 2017

We are humbled to announce the development (strain breeding via newly developed & secret breeding method) of a Cannabis Strain we are so far calling GGGC (Ginger Ganja Group Corp) #1 Hybrid & that's only the start!

Our R & D Department is also aiming to release GGGC #2 Sativa, GGGC #3 Indica & GGGC #4 CBD by years end.

Real Patient Testimonials

" Your Ganjagars are the BEST thing I have every tried. They are smooth, strong & lost lasting. I can't wait to try the Big Ginge & share it with my friends! Thank you! " Anonymous Patient

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About Us


Our Team

Our President, Drew Craig, has worked for three Medical Cannabis companies in the Medical Cannabis Industry since 2015. Starting his career as a Sales Representative, he has held positions as Regional Director of Operations, Managing Director, Clinic Supervisor and Director of Operations, Communications & Marketing. He has a vast knowledge of Medical Cannabis Regulations both Federally & Provincially.

With his extensive experience, we are able to provide a variety of in-depth business consultation services.


Our History

Drew founded Ginger Ganja Group Corporation in February 2017. 

We have extensively reviewed the Liberal Party's tabled Recreational Cannabis & Driving Criminal Code legislation & proposed amendments. Which might take some time to pass into law because of the disconnect between the Supreme Court of Canada rulings in relation to Patient's fair access to medicine. As well as multiple violations of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

We are here to offer consultation services to all Medical & potential Recreational companies on the laws, bi-laws & regulations both Federally & Provincially for your businesses.

We are the 3rd Incorporated company in Canada to offer Pure Cannabis Cigars, what we call our Ganjagars(hand-crafted cannabis cigars purely made from the plant). We have also teamed up with The Karma Cup 2016 Award winning SWW Farms to manufacture an affordable, high quality & elite grade of Ganjagars for approved MMAR, MMPR & ACMP Patients.


Our Mission

Our consultant mission is to help Medical & Recreational companies navigate the red tape to help them get their products/services to market as fast as possible!

Our manufacturing mission is to offer  an affordable but quality product using award winning medical cannabis flower & concentrates for the everyday to elite medical cannabis connoisseur.